How Many Pairs of Black Pants Do I Really Need?

When Salvation Comes


Just exactly how many pairs of black pants do I really need?

A homily by Margaret D. McGee

In this morning’s reading from Isaiah, the LORD, the Holy One, speaks to the people of Zion, in words that convey some frustration. Words, in fact, that give the sense of a God who is fed up to the teeth with these people, and with their acts of worship.

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In Silence

Responsive prayers by Thomas Robb, appropriate for use in Advent or Lent, or anytime that calls for silent prayer. 

In silence, or aloud, give thanks to God for all that we have… all that we are… all that we may become – be it broken, or complete, or somehow, both.

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Prayers as Autumn Turns Toward Winter

Responsive prayers by Christine Hemp, appropriate for use on any Sunday near the end of the Green Season.

Good morning, dear Creator. It’s November. Night comes upon us quickly now, and the Southerlies swirl the leaves of last summer around the corners of our houses. Your Word today, however, is ripe with new creation hidden in the midst of chaos. Yet again, paradox lies at the heart of our relationship with you. May we hold it close.

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Step By Step

Homily for a Sunday after Easter

Margaret D. McGee

What does it mean for God, the Creator of our world, to enter into our daily lives and set us on a new course, a new path of life? When that happens, what happens? And how do we live, day to day, so that it can happen, so that we are open and ready for God to bring new life into our world?
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