Prayers to God of Every Time and Place

Responsive prayers by Brad Offutt, appropriate for use during Lent.

God of every time and place, help all who in their journey, step by step, come to worship you in spirit and in truth.

God of the Church,
Be our Guide.

While in every land your faithful try, often in frustration and dismay, to do the business of living together at all levels, may we turn first to you.

God of all nations,
Be our Help.

As with Moses’ rod and Jacob’s well, you have put your creation’s abundance in our hands. Show us how to use it well.

God of this earth,
Be our Mentor.

Here in our beloved home, dear Lord, help us simply, in different ways, to tell others what you have shown us.

God of this place,
Be our Voice.

Lord, you suffered as we do, and infinitely more. To each who suffers, grant anticipation in your healing love.

God of suffering,
Be our Hope.

Father, your Son conquered death once for all. Bring those who have died into your peace, and bring us too when it is time.

God of immortality,
Be our Life.

Loving and patient God, you have forgiven your people down the ages, even when they have quarreled with you. Through your Son, you have given us certain hope. Be our companion each step of the way as we sweep aside the extraneous and, with the Holy Spirit and in truth, prepare to celebrate his Resurrection.


These prayers were first used at Sunday services on 24 February 2008 (the 3rd Sunday of Lent) at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Port Townsend, Washington.

Readings for the 3rd Sunday of Lent.

A note from Brad:

I found writing these prayers to be one of the neatest ‘soul experiences’ I’ve had, because it was so important to let God take over the effort to help me do something that is not mine at all. Rather, in some way, these are prayers of God’s people sort of funneled through one of them — just happened to be me this time. I hope that someone, somewhere might find some spiritual value in them.

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