In Silence

Responsive prayers by Thomas Robb, appropriate for use in Advent or Lent, or anytime that calls for silent prayer. 

In silence, or aloud, give thanks to God for all that we have… all that we are… all that we may become – be it broken, or complete, or somehow, both.

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Awake to Life

A Homily for the First Sunday of Advent

Margaret D. McGee

So we make full circle and return again to the beginning, to Advent, the opening of a new year in the life of faith. The season when, around the world, hearts break open for the coming of the Christ child. A season when even our own rather damp, gray world may be revealed as the best and only place to hold the birth of love, life, and light.

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Prayers of a Quiet Day

“Blessed are those … who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.”  — Psalm 84:5

On December 6, 2008, I joined with women of St. Hugh of Lincoln Episcopal Church in Allyn, Washington for an Advent Quiet Day. Using themes of journeys and waiting, we shared stories and prayers, walked a spiral labyrinth, and shared a meal of soup and bread.

The prayers posted here were written at the Quiet Day and prayed aloud during our closing worship.

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