Prayers of a Quiet Day

“Blessed are those … who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.”  — Psalm 84:5

On December 6, 2008, I joined with women of St. Hugh of Lincoln Episcopal Church in Allyn, Washington for an Advent Quiet Day. Using themes of journeys and waiting, we shared stories and prayers, walked a spiral labyrinth, and shared a meal of soup and bread.

The prayers posted here were written at the Quiet Day and prayed aloud during our closing worship.

Prayers from the Quiet Day at St. Hugh of Lincoln in Allyn, Washington, 6 December 2008

Dear God:

In each day help me to find a moment to be still, to be quiet. It is in these moments I can feel you most and then feelings of calm & peace set in. Help me to be more patient with “in the meantime” and to trust in you always.

        — Karen

Traveling on life’s paths
Stumbling, at times on the rocks –
They are cornerstones

Laughter, tears, hope, trust,
Forgiveness despair and love
Life’s – God’s – cornerstones.


O Lord, my God, your creation amazes me,
as I gaze through the empty-leafed trees to the green,
as I listen to the music of the birds and shifting wind,
as I taste the salty air and the composting earth,
as I touch the prickly branches of the pine,
as I take in the smells of multimillion fragrances made by your hand and passed to me.

Take away my fear of sharing.
Take away my fear of learning.
Take away my fear of creating

Let me look for you in all things as I continue to be amazed.


My Heavenly Father, When I have troubles with my feelings, I go outside. I look at the sky, trees, hear the birds, rain, or just feel the sun. Peace comes to me, and there I know you are with me, and I’m at peace. My Heavenly Father, I love you. I thank you.
— Carol

O Holy Mystery,

In this great unraveling
occurring in our land

I offer to you the loose
strands of the
fabric of my being

Where all the tangles are
May we see clearly the
pattern of our intertwining souls

You in us
We in you
Woven tightly by everlasting love.


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