Prayers for the Seeds of Love

Responsive prayers by Ann H. Raymond, appropriate for use in connection with Vacation Bible School or other children’s programming.

In peace we pray to you, our God.


For all people who sow the seed of God’s love in their daily life and work;
That our families, friends and neighbors and those who are alone may know they have the seed of God’s love within them.

Pray for the Church, this gathering and for God’s people throughout the world;
May we be united in God’s truth and glory.

For the people of this community, this nation and the world;
May we grow strong roots to act in harmony and bestow forgiveness even when strong winds blow.

For all of God’s creation: plants, animals, water, air, soil and people;
May we care and be good stewards of God’s abundance.

In thanksgiving for all who planted seeds of God’s love this week, and for the children who sowed their gifts of joy, kindness, and creativity.
May all children know they are part of a nurturing community.

For the unemployed, the poor and ill and all who care for them.
May they know God’s help and comfort.

For those who have died.
That they may rest in your love.

Eternal Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier, hear our prayers. You are full of kindness and truth. We know your graciousness through the children who touch our lives, and through those who love and nurture children in your world. We thank you O Lord our God with all our hearts, for great is your love toward us.


These prayers were first used on July 17, 2011, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Port Townsend, Washington. They were written by Ann H. Raymond, Director of Youth Services at St. Paul’s, after a week of Vacation Bible School with the theme of ReNew.

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