Colloquy On New Life

A poem for Easter
Carolyn Temte

Colloquy On New Life



& Carolyn

A new heart I will give you,

A heart of clay
To shape, to mold
To give form as I desire

And a new spirit I will put within you;

A spirit of joy
A spirit of tolerance
A spirit of compassion

and I will remove from your body the heart of stone

A heart hardened with fear
A heart overrun with doubt
A heart heavy with grief

and give you a heart of flesh

A heart open to all things
One overflowing with gratitude
One filled with grace

I will put my spirit within you,

A spirit of undying love
A spirit with wings
So I may fly as never before

And make you follow my statutes

Do the right thing because it is right
Respect the earth and its bounties
Love one another with or without understanding

And be careful to observe my ordinances

Rejoice in a new heart
Fill it with the ecstasy of me
Give it flight, let it soar among the heavens!

♥ ♥ ♥

Copyright @2011, 2013 Carolyn Temte
Ref: Ezekiel 36:26-27a

Carolyn Temte wrote this poem after the death of her beloved husband Ragnar. She told me that she wrote it in one evening “to help keep me from falling off the edge of the earth.”

Because of the way this poem intertwines grief, loss, and soaring new life, it sure feels like Easter to me.

Blessings on every heart,


17 thoughts on “Colloquy On New Life

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  1. This is so moving and makes scripture sing to me. It will be copied and read again and again. To have such beauty and depth come from such sorrow—thank you for sharing this with us.


    1. Thank you, Janet, for your very kind words. It is my privilege to share these thoughts with you. My greatest joy in writing is connecting with a person –perhaps giving them hope, peace and comfort. I hope Ezekiel and I given this to you and that it continues when the need arises.


  2. A prophet is someone who, literally, speaks forth. In the Judeo-Christian tradition a prophet is an inspired teacher (NOT somebody who can “tell the future”). Ezekiel was indeed a prophet. So, Carolyn, are you. Thank you!

    Margaret, I’m with you! This is really what Easter is about – a new heart for each of us. Once that old stoney heart is gone, it need never return. But we’re human! We need to remember all over again each year so that some more forming can be done to our hearts. Goodness, Carolyn says it so beautifully!


    1. Thank you, Brad for your compliments and your confidence. I think Ezekiel deserves much more credit than I. Second chances are wonderful and we each have that with each new day. I am happy to share my thoughts with you.


    1. Sharon, I wrote this poem in one of life’s darkest times. It gave me courage and hope. Two years later in moments of snarled and tangled thoughts, I read it. Soon all the snarls are gone and I can move forward. It is my privilege to share this courage and hope with you.


  3. Margaret,
    It will be ten years in December since Ragnar died. I still miss him and I still read Ezekiel and Carolyn. It gives me encouragement to enjoy each new day I am given on this earth.

    Thank you for keeping Ezekiel and me In the Courtyard.


  4. Carolyn and Margaret, I react pretty much as I did seven years ago – and goodness, the world was a bit different then! Today, this Resurrection Day, your prophetic voice reassures me that with the Spirit of Life, our God, I can fly and so can my heart! Two different but mutually interdependent essentials! Thank you again.


  5. Brad It is good to “hear” your voice again. The Divine Spark in us fanned by the Spirt of Life gives one the ability to rebuild oneself and blaze new trails after one of life’s inevitables. I think the secret is to grasp the ability and hang on. All things are possible.

    I, too, like the new activity in The Courtyard. Great to meet old friends!


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