Interview: A Life Through Books

Last week, the book blog “A Life Through Books” posted an interview with me that focuses on my writing process. I enjoyed responding to all the questions, especially the last, which asked what comes next.

Here’s my answer:

An effective way to rebuild a damaged community is to build something together for the common good. We’ve fallen into a great divide in our politics, and now we’re physically separated for our own health and well-being. The pandemic is the scourge of our time, but it’s also helping us rediscover our common humanity, neighbor to neighbor. That’s a good thing. How we come out of this, whether we fall back into old patterns of self-righteous demonization, or build together for the common good, will set a trajectory for the lives of generations to come. It starts in the local community. I want to write about that.

You can read the complete interview here.

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  1. Thanks Margaret, very interesting to hear about your process. Looking forward to the next one — I like the sound of it.


  2. Margaret, I still remember meeting you for the first time when the St. Paul’s book group read the first version of “Stumbling Toward God.” I enjoyed reading this interview and learned even more about how you work. When I write that occasional poem, it’s the same – insurmountable, impossible – until I finally write that sh**ty first draft! Keep us posted, please, on how the next book is going. The premise sounds great. “Approaching 70?” You are but a youngster; many good years ahead!


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