The Web of Time and Place

In the online nature journal class Looking for New Life, Joan was the first to post a spider web entry. She had encountered the huge web on a hiking trip, and mused in her entry about her own spinning thoughts and plans for the future.

Then Chris, from her summer-long boat trip, posted a painting of ripening grapes, with a white spider web attached to the vine.

Then Margaret (not me — different Margaret) posted a photograph of a spider web covered in morning dew, clinging to a corral at her horse-riding retreat.

Caught in the Web of Time and Place

Inspired by all those spider webs, I went out into our woods to find a web of my own The combination of tiny bits of tree debris entangled in this tent spider web, with the mixed sounds of helicopter, birds, yellow jacket, and siren, brought home how we are all caught in the web of time and place–so vulnerable–and yet connected through the skein of existence.

Dear God, we are all connected in your world.
Let your loving-kindness fall especially
this moment
on anyone in danger, sorrow,
or any kind of trouble.
Stay with us.
Keep us safe in 
your love.

With thanks to the participants in Looking for New Life for their creative mindfulness and sharing, and for inspiring me to look for my own spider web,


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