Zoom: Sharing the Creative Spark

On August 18, I return to the Priory Spirituality Center for one of my favorite workshops to give: “Sharing the Creative Spark.” This relaxed and inviting 3-hour class focuses on mindful approaches to the “one-breath poem” commonly called haiku.

Side-stepping the convention of counting syllables in three lines, we’ll explore techniques and ways of seeing that uncover energy and shared feeling in a moment of time. No poetry writing experience required. We ask that each participant come to class ready to approach haiku with “beginner’s mind.” *

We’ll gather on Zoom Tuesday, August 18, 2020 from 1 – 4 PM, Pacific Daylight Time.

Registration through the Priory Spirituality Center.

* (For more on “beginner’s mind,” see the Wikipedia entry for Shoshin.)

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