Puff Balls on All Saints Day

Late afternoon on Nov. 1, All Saints Day.

It’s been cloudy all day, no rain.

I’m sitting on an old towel that I laid on the labyrinth path outside my office door.

From out of the woods I hear the croaks of tree frogs. Kinglets twitter and flutter above and on all sides of me. Faintly in the distance, the sound of automobile traffic.

Thanks to the autumn wind, the labyrinth path is newly surfaced with plum leaves, cedar fronds, and fir needles.

Small puff balls have sprung up all along the way.

3 thoughts on “Puff Balls on All Saints Day

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  1. Early afternoon November 2. A family wedding will begin in Seattle. An old warehouse has been renovated for such occasions. The ceremony, the reception and all dancing happening under one roof. I had planned on going but has to rethink the idea. It will be a long drive, hours of sitting. I fear I would leave in back pain. Plus my lungs are still bothering me from the past lengthy days of fog

    So Nickel and I will stay home,,friends will come over and bring tai food to share for dinner, we will sing and dance. . Next year, there will be another wedding possibly two. They will be closer and I could attend.

    Now the sky grows darker. The wind is kicking up. The leaves have left the trees. They are flying around the neighborhood in a tango dance.


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