Sharing the Being of Being

This morning when I settled in for centering prayer (meditation), a robin was chirruping — loud! — just outside. Then a frog — loud! — started to croak, I swear in time with the chirrups. As if answering back.

At first I thought, Don’t distract me! Then relaxed & opened up, and the chirrups & croaks joined the rhythm of my breath, and were were all there, present, one.

Then the neighbor’s cock started to crow.

And I had to smile. Then breathe, and breathe, all together, sharing the being of being.

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  1. Margaret, how wonderful that you stopped and listened – that was God talking I think. In her wonderful poem about rebirth called “One or Two Things” Mary Oliver speaks of the God of Dirt coming to her many times and of how she listened to his dog voice and his frog voice; they always said “now” and never spoke of “forever.”


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