Prayers for God’s Spirit

Responsive prayers by Roberta Hiday, appropriate for use on Pentecost Sunday.

Our God—we, your people, stand ready and open to receive the flame of your Spirit. Give us the ability to speak your truth so that others may hear.

Come, Spirit of Truth, fill our hearts. 

May that which was of stone be now transformed into life.

Come, Spirit of Life, change our hearts.

May we who receive your light dwell together in Your love.

Come, Spirit of Love, soften our hearts.

Bestow your compassion on those who suffer in mind, spirit, and body.

Come, Spirit of Hope, heal our hearts.

Make us bold to bring light to the dark places, warmth to the cold places, and love to the empty places.

Come, Spirit of Faith, strengthen our hearts.

Spirit of the Living God, fill our hearts, minds, and souls to overflowing.

Come, Spirit of God, move in our hearts.

Our God—we, your people, celebrate the mystery of your never-ending love.


These prayers were first used at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Port Townsend on May 11, 2008, the Day of Pentecost (Year A). They were written by Roberta Hiday, a spiritual director whose blog Spiritually Directed offers inspirational quotes and musings.

You can find the readings for the day on The Lectionary Page.

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