A Prayer of Thanksgiving for All Creation

Written by Bill Dengler, these responsive prayers are appropriate for Thanksgiving Day,  Stewardship in-gatherings, Creation Care Sunday, and Earth Day celebrations.

We offer thanks, O God, for all the wonders of your creation,


• the planets, stars, and all that moves through the infinite expanse of space

• the minerals, rocks, sand, soil, and all the material of earth

• for water – both salted and fresh – that supports life


• for plants of all kinds

• for creeping beings and those of 4-, 6-, 8-, and multiple-legs that live on and within the earth

• for winged beings that soar through the air

• for the variety of strange beings that live in the depths of the sea

Left Baby Foot

• for species known and unknown to us, but all known to you

• for human beings blessed to be created in your image.

    Thanks be to you, Holy God.

This litany of thanksgiving was first used on 25 October, 2009, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Port Townsend, Washington, when we celebrated Stewardship Ingathering and Creation Care Sunday.

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