Let Us Stand in Grace Together

At the St. Stephen’s Women’s Retreat, held at the Ocean Park Retreat Center and Camp on March 28-30, 2008, we experienced stormy winds, rain, snow, hail, sunshine, laughter, tears, and the fire of God’s Spirit in life and love. These prayers were written during the retreat and prayed at our Sunday service.

Let us stand in grace together
And listen, old and young.
Fix our bounds of love
through stormy winds, fire and hail.
Help us light our lamp in hope and faith.

Opening prayer, March 30, 2008. Written by women of St. Stephen’s, Longview, Washington.

Holy Mother,
maker of earth, water, sky and sea:

You cradled this planet in your arms in the beginning,
And brought forth beauty and abundance.
You created us to know you and the power of love,
Giving us a measure of your own compassion, creativity,
And a capacity to perceive and appreciate
your creation in its fragile magnitude and potent minuteness….

Your image within us bears witness to your abiding love
And calls us in the voices of prophets, poets, mystics, martyrs, and mothers throughout history
to return to center in You….

May our lives be salt and light —
Sources of healing, hope, and transformation
In this world that you cherish.

A portion of the Eucharistic Prayer. Written and compiled from various sources by Kathleen Patton, Celebrant


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