Prayers for the Peace of God

Responsive prayers by Thomas Robb, for use in Epiphany season.

May the peace of God be in all his holy places.
May God’s peace be with all who enter here.

May the peace of God be upon all the nations.
May wisdom, courage, and forbearance grace all in authority.

May God’s Kingdom come to all the world
May God’s Grace shine forth in all creatures.

May suffering and all sorts of trouble be forgotten.
May God’s Glory revealed take away all pain and anxiety.

May those who have died see the Lord revealed.
May our beloved departed know the Lord face to face.

The Lord God calls out to us.
Here am I Lord. You have searched for me and found me.

May we be the hands of Jesus healing the world.
Here am I Lord, send me.

Thanks be to God.

These Prayers of the People were first used at Sunday services on 15 January 2012 (the second Sunday after the Epiphany) at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Port Townsend, Washington. They were written by Thomas Robb.

I especially like the way Tom has integrated language from the Sunday lessons into the prayers. You can find the readings here on the Lectionary page.

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